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The Discontinuation of Google+

By February 18, 2019 September 7th, 2019 No Comments

For those of you who don’t know, Google+ was Google’s answer to facebook and other social media platforms. You could create a profile, tell a little bit about yourself and share articles, posts, memes and photos with other members. If you have a gmail address, more than likely you had a Google+ account but if you didn’t know that then you probably have a good idea why Google has decided to scrap the platform. Google is famous or infamous for launching products and for discontinuing them without warning, Google+ is another casualty of this fast paced development mindset.


We first noticed it when clients were getting notices of their accounts being deleted due to non-use. This was a pretty good indication that Google no longer wanted to expend resources on an underused service. A lot of big and small businesses used this platform to promote services and products using Google+ posts and if you’re concerned you can no longer do this, don’t worry. If you are not currently aware, prior to discontinuing Google+, Google added a posting feature to Google My Business, Google’s business listing. You can put up information about new products/services as well as events and special offers.

Google recommends using this feature for new and relevant information about your business. Do you host a customer appreciation day at your business? Put a post about it on your Google My Business listing. You can do so a year in advance. Other posts about new services, products or special offers have a two week expiration date attached to them to encourage business interaction and again; timely and relevant information about your business.

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